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Ryan Di

📚 Australian National University

Web Development and Mathematics

🎓 Double Degree of Maths and IT

🙊 I speak English, Chinese, and Japanese

About Me

I'm from Hangzhou, China. After two years in Japan after high school, I decided to study CS and came to ANU. Though initially enrolled in only a single degree, I am currently doing a double degree of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology.

In my spare time, I like to cook, read, and play music. Guitar, ukulele, and drums are the instruments I know how to play.

I also enjoy comedy and talk shows. George Carlin, Conan O'Brien, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and Louis C.K. are my personal favorites.

I design and make beautiful and responsive websites with a low price using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL and Python. I am flexible and easy to work with. For work contact, please write to

Full Stack Blog

blog project screenshot

A blog that I built when I was learning Full Stack Development from Udacity. View it here.

It incorporates responsive design, handles the HTML different requests, and security measures.

I had the most fun learning about password hashing and setting cookies.

Currency Calculator

Some of my friends in Japan are selling products available in Japan to China because of the quality and price difference.

I thought it would be nice to build a currency calculator that converts price from JPY to CNY. And so I did. View it here.

It works with jQuery AJAX and API to get the latest currency rate, converts the data in the table to JSON, and perform the calculation.

currency conversion project screenshot